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Your Place or Ours?
We don’t just repair PCs and laptops at our offices, we also offer a full range of services in your home.

Sometimes you might have a problem that you can’t bring to our office - for example your wireless network is slow or unreliable - well, we can help with that too. By arrangement, we can visit your premises and sort out your onsite problems.

But we don’t just sort out things that aren’t working as they should, we can also provide help with upgrading or extending what you already have.
Here are just some of the services we can offer:

General troubleshooting - if your system isn’t running quite as it should but you’re not sure why, we can help pinpoint the problem and sort it out for you

Equipment Upgrades - we can upgrade all manner of components in your set up, from graphics cards, hard disk drives and memory, to Windows software, broadband routers and more besides

Wireless Security Check - if you’re not sure whether your wireless network is secure, or you’re concerned that someone else may be using your network without your permission, we can check things over and make recommendations or changes to ensure your privacy

Wired Networks - maybe your property isn’t particularly suitable for using wireless technologies or you already have a wireless network that has problems you’d like to extend, we can help

Printing Problems - whether your printer isn’t performing as it should, or if you’d like to share your printer with more than one device in your property, it’s likely we can provide a solution

Secure Data Destruction - your old PC can contain a lot of sensitive information which can be extremely useful to criminals involved in identity theft and online fraud, so you should never just dispose of it without ensuring that information is wiped. However, simply deleting the data is not enough as it can easily be recovered. We can ensure that data on your hard disks is destroyed to a level used by US Military to ensure your details are never compromised.

Slow Wireless Networks - there can be a variety of reasons why your wireless network connection is slow or intermittent, but we can find the cause and  recommend and implement an appropriate solution

Data Backup Solutions - with more and more important information being held on PCs, making sure it is safe and recoverable in case there are problems with your equipment is essential and we can set you up with a system that’s right for you

New System Installations - it can sometimes be a hassle to get your favourite programs, photos and music transferred from your old machine to your new one, but we can usually make the process a little less painful
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