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We Specialise in Laptop Repair
Over the last few years the number of laptops in use grown massively - and so has the number we’ve repaired!

As a result we have a vast experience of all the major brands such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung, along with a lot you might not be so familiar with, such as Medion, Clevo, VIA and Genicom, to name just a few.

We’ve fixed a sorts of problems from virus infections, missing keys and damaged hard drives to broken screens and liquid spills, so the chances are we’ve seen the sort of problem your machine is experiencing before. Check out our ‘Services’ page for more detail.
Here are a few quick DIY things to try yourself for common problems, but if you don’t fancy giving them a go, or you try and don’t have any luck, give us a shout - there’s a good chance we can get your machine up and running again.

Emergency Advice - Don’t Panic!
Here are some common problems along with some things you can try:

CD / DVD Drive Missing - more common than you might think, but if the drive is removable, try unplugging it then plugging it back in
CD / DVD Stuck in the Drive - if it’s a regular drive with a tray which extends out of the machine, chances are there’s a small hole into which you can insert a straightened-out paper clip - if the problem isn’t too severe, this should ‘pop’ the tray and allow you to recover your disk.

Laptop Won’t Start - check to make sure there isn’t a disk in the CD / DVD drive when you power on the machine as this can sometimes cause problems

No Power to Laptop - a simple but often overlooked starting point is the fuse in the adapter plug - swap it with a one from a device you know is working - make sure you match the fuse rating though.

Wireless Not Working - look to see if there is a switch or button the machine to turn the wireless on and off and check it’s set to ‘on’. Some keyboards have a key sequence printed on the keyboard (Alt + F2 is quite common) to activate / deactivate the wireless - check to see if this has been hit by accident

Remember, if you’re still having problems,we can probably help - just give us a call or drop by our office.

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