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PC Health Check
It’s standard practice to take your car for a regular service, even if everything seems to be OK, as it’s long been recognised that routine maintenance can prolong the life of your vehicle. It also helps to ensure that you’re less likely to have an unexpected breakdown and the associated inconvenience of your car off the road - plus a potentially large repair bill!

While not usually as expensive as a car, your PC or laptop can be a significant investment, so it makes sense to treat it with the same care and attention.

That’s why whether you call it a ‘health check’, a ‘tune up’,  an ‘optimisation’ or even an ‘MOT’, it’s been one of our most requested services for PCs and laptops.

Our comprehensive service comprises over 25 separate steps to ensure that your machine is left running in optimum condition and includes:

• Hard Disk: physical integrity, file structure integrity, file system clean up, virtual memory validation and optimisation

• Viruses & Malware: check for, and removal of, any undesirable software; check of Anti-Virus product integrity

• Operating System: we confirm file structure integrity, security level, perform a system clean up & optimise performance

• Internet Access: examination of internet browsers to ensure optimum speed and performance when surfing the ‘net

• Physical Memory (RAM): check of physical integrity and suitability for machine configuration

• Physical Clean: we disassemble and fully clean all cooling system components, including fans, heatsinks & case

Let's Have a Chat
Once we’ve got your machine tuned up and back to running as well as it should, we’re more than happy to discuss what you want your machine to do and how best to achieve it. We’ll also give you advice about things you can do yourself to help keep your system in good shape once you get it home again - all part of the service!
The Effects of Heat
One of the greatest enemies of electronic equipment is heat - it stresses components and connections and can dramatically decrease the life-span of your computer. This is especially true of laptops where components are more tightly packed together and airflow is restricted.

Keeping your system cool in vital to extending its life, so that’s why our Health Check includes a full physical clean.

We disassemble the machine into component parts, clean out all fans and heatsinks, apply fresh thermal transfer material and make sure maximum airflow is cooling your machine - as it did the day it left the factory.

Give us a call or drop us an email and book a Health Check for your system today!

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