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Making Things Easy
Only a few years ago computers were seen as a young persons thing. Now, almost all of us are using computers whether for work or pleasure.

At FTT we know that as technology advances more and more quickly it can take a lot to keep up - even for those of us in the industry! We also know that as we get older, some newer aspects of technology can take a bit of getting used to - which is where we can help.

While many people like tinkering with their machines, some just want them to work so they can enjoy new services which are available - things like Skype for internet chatting, or Facebook to keep in touch with younger members of the family.

Even if something as ‘simple’ as email leaves you a little bit confused, don’t worry, we’re here to help - and while helping we’ll make sure we use plain English and not baffle you with jargon. Here are just a few of the things we can help you with:

Senior's Discount

If you're a qualifying senior citizen, simply let us know that you've been looking at our website and we'll give you 20% off our standard pricing!

Anti-Virus / Internet Security - staying safe online is absilutely vital in a world with ever evolving threats and we can help with advise on what to use

Wireless Networks and Devices – we can help set you up a wireless network, sort out connection or speed problems, help you join new devices such as phones and laptops to your network or even check over your security to make sure nobody is using your system when they shouldn’t be

Email – whether you already have an account and are having some problems, or you’d like an email account but aren’t sure about how to set one up and get going, we can provide assistance

Webcam – perhaps you’d like to set up a webcam to keep in touch with family members who aren’t close by, then give us a call

Skype / Messenger / Instant Messaging – another way to keep in touch with friends and family, with or without a webcam, we can help you get started or if you’re having problems

Cloud Services / Dropbox / Google Drive /Sky Drive – a great way to store photos, music, documents etc. so they are accessible from any internet connected device and where you can share selected items with whoever you want, and we can help get you up and running

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