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Get Discount!
Although we don't have any official affiliation with either Newcastle or Northumbria University, our great co-location in Haymarket area has seen our customer base of students and staff, grow and grow.
Spread by word of mouth from satisfied customers, our quality service and extremely competitive pricing has gained a great reputation.

Our value for money pricing is helped along by an additional 20% discount for students with an NUS card - making us truly hard to beat.

We can also provide another helping hand when deadlines loom and your machine has crashed - a loan device.

Deadline Looming and No Computer?
We Can Help!
If your machine has problems but you’ve a deadline to meet - give us a call- we have loan machines!

Bring in your laptop or PC to be repaired and if you’re ‘up against it’ we can provide a loan device to get you back up and running. We require a small deposit, but if you have your device repaired by us we’ll waive any rental charge.

If we then believe your device is beyond economic repair we’ll also waive the fee.

If you choose not to have your machine repaired there’ll be a small charge depending on how long you’ve borrowed our equipment - see our rental cost section.
Short Term Equipment Rental
If you only need a device for a short time we can usually provide a laptop or desktop machine for short-term use. We can also provide flat screen monitors to get you working if that’s where the problem is.

We require a small deposit - typically £50 if you’re leaving your gear with us to be repaired or for an estimate - which is refunded when you return the device intact. If there’s any damage we’ll make a charge, but it won’t - can’t! - be more than your deposit, so you know the limit of your liabilities.

Residential Broadband Problems
If you’re having problems with sharing internet access between housemates, why not give us a call and see if we can sort it out for you. Whether it’s wireless connection problems, slow access speeds or wireless dead-spots, or even if you’re using traditional cable, we can help.

Or if you’re not sharing broadband and you want to, we can help with that as well - why not give us a call.

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